3 Podcasts For the Charitable Listener

By July 25, 2019Blog

Whether you prefer to spend your time or your hard-earned dollars on charitable causes, there’s a podcast out there for you! Podcasting has really grown in the past few years, both in the quality of shows produced as well as the sheer number out there. You really can find podcasts on any topic, from fictional explorations of faraway worlds to serious deep dives into philosophical topics. For those interested in charity, volunteerism and philanthropy, there are a few shows out there that we think might interest you.

Spending a few minutes of your day thinking about the ways you can benefit the world may even encourage you to be more generous! We’d call that a win for both the listener and the world at large.

The Extra Mile

Have you ever heard of the phone app called Charity Miles? For runners, walkers, bikers and hikers, this app allows you to use those extra miles you log in a workout or commute as sponsored donations to charities of your choice. It’s a great way to stay active, keep track of your mileage and give back to a community you care about in the process! The donations are sponsored by companies that sign up for the program. Charity Miles went one step further (get it?) and started their own podcast. The Extra Mile interviews app users while they’re on a run or walk together!

Amateur Traveler

You might be wondering why a travel podcast is on this list, but the Amateur Traveler has earned the spot! They have an entire section dedicated to volunteering abroad. If you’ve ever been curious about international philanthropy, this is your chance to learn more. There’s so much good to be accomplished across the globe, and learning from other cultures along the way can prove to be an enlightening experience.

Global Development

It’s tough to know where to start with your philanthropic endeavors if you aren’t aware of what the problems are. Global Development from the BBC highlights issues impacting people in different parts of the world. You can hear about the cocaine washing up on beaches in Fiji or Afghanistan’s secret schools for girls.

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