The big WHY

How much would a business change the world if it invested 50% of profits back into funding positive social change?

WHYSgiving was created for this reason.

We care about the future of our environment and its global communities. We believe that businesses are able to contribute. We have created a for-profit funding platform to benefit nonprofit partners. Traditional investing yields money in return. As a business, we have chosen to invest for a return from the impact of the work nonprofits provide to improve the lives of others across the globe.

You can count on WHYSgiving to be a business that will forever fund change. We hope we can count on you to change the world with us.


We Believe…

… we cannot do this alone. We recognize it requires collective human efforts.

… together we can change the world by engaging consumers to consciously exercise their micro-spending power.

… consumers can VOTE with their dollars to accelerate global change.

… businesses should care about the future of our environment.

… businesses should continuously contribute back to the world that contributes to their success.

Will you invest in social impact with us today?


WHYSgiving will always and forever be a business with the sole mission of sustaining perpetual impact and positive social change in the world.

Every WHYSgiving product you purchase is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We promise to redirect profits toward sponsoring charitable programs.

We promise to continually screen every charity, so you are assured your money is making the biggest impact, without needing to do any research of your own.

We promise full transparency.