Ethical Black Friday Shopping Tips

By November 27, 2019Blog

Are you planning to hit some sales this holiday weekend? Black Friday is a phenomenon that’s been growing and growing in recent years. Large retailers are getting plenty of flak for rolling back the start time earlier and earlier ⁠— some are now opening their doors to shoppers right after they get up from the Thanksgiving table. It’s also a time of year that encourages spending on disposable, unnecessary items made in questionable environments abroad. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you shop ethically this Black Friday.

Choose Local

Small, local shops offer great alternatives to the big box stores. Many are committed to ethically sourcing their goods, and still more can at least talk with you about where their products come from. Small Business Saturday is a common ‘shopping holiday,’ but many of these stores will be open on Black Friday. Local book stores, chocolatiers and antiques shops are all good options if you do choose this route. Plus, you’re much less likely to be mowed down by a determined individual piloting a shopping cart in a Target.

Look for Eco-Friendly Options

Grabbing some gifts for your loved ones? Think about choosing eco-friendly versions! Clothing is one of big gift items each year, and it you’re at all familiar with the environmental impact of fast fashion you know how important it is to be thoughtful about your purchases. So many textiles end up in landfills due to poor quality materials purchased at rock bottom prices.

Living Wages

It’s not just about keeping the physical goods you purchase ethical on Black Friday. Some stores are more committed than others to paying their employees a living wage. Costco is a great example of a store that pays well above minimum wage. As a result, they’re also known for having truly exemplary employees.

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