Can I make a donation?

No. WHYSgiving is not a non-profit. Therefore, we are prohibited from receiving any form of donations. Our goal is to raise awareness through commerce and disburse significant proceeds to aid the charities in their work.

How do I know the money is truly going to the high impact charities?

We pride ourselves on transparency at WHYSgiving.  That’s why we have details on our website showing how much we give to our Supported Organizations. We disburse 50% of profits to the Supported Organizations at least quarterly.

Why is WHYSgiving doing this?

We recognize that the charities need funding help to make a greater impact with their work. We realize that by working together, we can create much more positive change. Governments cannot fix our problems. People have to work together to make a real difference. We wondered how much a business could influence the world if it directed significant profits toward social good rather than into the pockets of investors. We realized the answer is A LOT!  That’s the reason we created WHYSgiving.

Will there be other products?

Yes. We plan to periodically add products to support the end of human trafficking, and also to support other charitable causes. Check back often and make sure you sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to be the first to know when new products are launched.

Will WHYSgiving ever go public or be sold?

No. WHYSgiving is not for sale. This way the company will never lose sight of its purpose of being a business that forever funds change.