New Year’s Resolutions for a Charitable 2020

By December 26, 2019Blog

Have you been working toward living a more thoughtful and charitable life? New Year’s is often a time to consider where we place our time, energy, and money. What sorts of products are we buying, and how do our actions affect those around us? With these questions in mind, the changing of the calendar year can be a great time to ring in some new habits and commitments to your fellow man. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, check out some of these New Year’s resolutions for a more charitable 2020.

Do For Your Family

Charity can often start right at home. That may mean your direct family, or it could be your more distant relations that need a helping hand. Offer to watch kids while a cousin goes on job interviews. Visit a great aunt in her nursing home. The charitable acts you do for your family can have far-reaching benefits, and they’re an excellent place to start.

Recurring Volunteering

While volunteering once is a lovely act, signing up to do so again and again is a beautiful habit to cultivate. Take a look at your community or your church to see if there are opportunities to give back in an ongoing fashion. Become a mentor to someone who needs help and guidance. Offer your skills to an organization that could use them. Figure out what you have to offer and find a place that will value for what you can give back.

Donate Blood

Alternatively, consider becoming an organ donor. You can even sign up for the bone marrow registry. Not everyone is able to do these life-saving things, but if you’re able, it might be time to become willing. Did you know that a single kidney donor can set off a chain of donations dozens of people long that result in so many lives saved? A single pint of blood can save three people.

Whatever you choose as your New Year’s resolutions (if any), consider making them for your community as well as for yourself.

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