Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain Promise

People & Planet First. Profits Second.

We believe that all workers have a right to healthy, safe, and stable working conditions- that environmental impact is equally important. We promise to source every WHYSgiving product from only the most ethical, reputable, human rights and environmentally responsible suppliers.

When voting with your dollars, you should expect and accept nothing less. You can count on us to work with supply chains whose business practices are legally compliant and consistent with international human rights and environmental standards.

We source ethically manufactured products.

Respect and dignity for all workers in the WHYSgiving supply chain is paramount.

We are committed to low-toxicity and non-toxic products.

We seek to work with suppliers supporting international standards for worker safety, fair wages, animal cruelty free, environmental impact, and ethical business dealings.

We aim to create more value for the consumer by applying our stringent quality standards to deliver ethically manufactured goods at reasonable prices.