Volunteer Mentoring Opportunities

By January 31, 2019Blog

Mentoring is one of the most meaningful ways to give back to society. Whether it’s at work or in your community, mentorship can take many forms. Whether you’ve been selected as a mentor or taken it upon yourself to reach out, it can be a big responsibility. Outside of your regular place of employment or regular peers, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer as a mentor to people who could use a little extra guidance in life. We’ve outlined a few ways to get involved below.

Mentoring Youth & Teens

Some youth mentoring comes about once children have run into trouble. Organizations like the NPJS create programs for at risk kids that helps give them a sense of stability and structure. Other mentoring comes in the form of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America, where kids can combine outdoor activities with the other life skills. Even 4-H programs have a strong mentorship aspect to them.

Community Mentoring

All you need to do to find excellent mentoring opportunities is walk into your local library. Whether it involves job or career coaching or family and relationship education, this can come in many forms. Religious institutions also offer plenty of opportunities for offering advice and guidance for those who could benefit.

Mentoring At Work

It goes without saying that millions of Americans would love to have different jobs, better career trajectories or advanced positions in their workplace. Offering to mentor someone at work is a great way to pass on valuable skills you’ve learned in your tenure with the company. If your workplace has an internship or shadowing program, those are also often excellent places to give back.

Mentorship is a great benefit to both the mentor as well as the individual being mentored. This type of relationship provides the opportunity for lasting bonds, as well as the passing of hard-earned knowledge to future generations.

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