Our supply chain promise

We Believe all workers are entitled to healthy, safe working conditions and manufacturing should seek to minimize environmental impact globally.

You Can Count On Us to work with manufacturers whose business practices are legally compliant and consistent with international human rights and environmental standards.

  • We source ethically manufactured products
  • Respect and dignity f or all workers in the WhysGiving supply chain is paramount.
  • We are committed to low-toxicity and non-toxic products
  • Our products are manufactured in an environmentally responsible way
  • We only work with manufacturers supporting international standards for worker safety, fair wages, environmental impact, and ethical business dealings

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by these global human rights and environmental standards:

Product Diligence

Our team reviews manufacturers for practices aligned with what We Believe - not just once, but periodically throughout the business relationship. Should a manufacturer’s practices fall outside of what We Believe, we work with them to improve conditions and may terminate the relationship if they are unable to change.

Thank You

We couldn’t achieve our mission of creating meaningful consumer support of charitable programs, global economic empowerment, and sustainable charitable funding without our consumers and the international charitable community. Together we can promote what We Believe and impact global change.