The Big Why

We believe that succeeding at certain causes require system-wide change, and in order to maximize program impact the nonprofits doing the work must be adequately funded. WHYSgiving is a perpetual, for-profit funding platform to sponsor the work of select nonprofit and charitable organizations united by a common cause.

What are we doing?

The present state of consumer-brand interaction can leave buyers searching for a connection beyond the benefits of the product. We believe it’s possible to foster a more robust human connection across seemingly anonymous transactions using a business enterprise to directly support philanthropic work. We believe we create value for our customers when they know 50% of profits are paid to a coalition of sponsored charities for mission-based results.

Our approach challenges and encourages consumers to recognize that their act of buying through WHYSgiving represents much more than a purchase. WHYSgiving is a platform to empower consumer voices to be heard and make an impact. We do this to help our customers understand the power their micro-spending has to make a global impact, and to foster ongoing charitable support through brand recognition and loyalty.

Our customers will know why they shouldn’t merely buy when they can WHYSgive

Our Mission

To provide meaningful consumer experiences and unlimited funding for our sponsored charities through a consumer platform supporting global charitable work above all else. WHYSgiving seeks to sponsor charitable organizations leading the work in their cause. We view it as a direct investment in our partners, and in return, they invest in our vision. We’re intentional about our decision to operate differently and promote our business through a unique cause-marketing platform.

Our approach encourages consumers to engage on a deeper level with both the WHYSgiving brand and the brands of our charitable partners, while simultaneously encouraging brand loyalty. Our reach is global, and we intend to broadly support the charitable sector. Yet we’re focused on discrete charitable causes with identified coalitions of sponsored charities, so we can make an immediate impact through proven nonprofit service programs.

You Can Count on Us

... To source our products responsibly and ethically, and give the highest consideration to our manufacturing labor and supply chains, as well as environmental impact.

... We believe all workers are entitled to humane working conditions and manufacturing should seek to minimize environmental impact globally.

... We seek to adhere to the human rights and environmental standards of:

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • United Nations Global Compact
  • Ethical Trading Initiative
  • ILO Code of Practice in Safety and Health
  • ILO International Labor Standards
  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
  • Social Accountability International

... To create more value for the consumer by not only applying our stringent quality standards to deliver ethically manufactured goods at reasonable prices, but also through facilitating the customer’s relationship with our sponsored charities.

... To disburse 50% of profits to our qualified sponsored charities.

... To continuously utilize and improve the WISe System for screening and approving our sponsored charities.

... To never offer WHYSgiving for sale or admit a controlling group of third-party investors so we can sustain our mission in perpetuity.


Celine Truong

is our Purpose Director. In 2015, Celine witnessed an individual donate half of his net worth to an anonymous charity. This behavior interrupted the process of her logical reasoning. It also caused her to seek answers. During this journey for understanding, Celine was led to explore her own giving goals and philanthropic values. She discovered that attempting to prioritize one global cause over another was fruitless because of the diverse ways charities and philanthropists make a direct impact to improve lives.

Rather, it occurred to Celine that a consumer-driven platform to amplify impact across a coalition of sponsored charitable organizations was a solution to sustainable funding for nonprofits doing the work to make the world a better place for all. Thus, WHYSgiving was launched as a business that forever funds change.

David C. Martin

is our Joy Conductor. He believes everyone matters! He believes everyone can enjoy more of the life their heart desires! He enjoys touching hearts, challenging minds, empowering people, developing leaders, and doing the I'mPossible! When introduced to the concept of WHYSgiving, he immediately realized it matched his beliefs! Thus, he committed to investing his time, passion, strengths, and reputation to ensuring WHYSgiving funds positive change forever.

Michael Coghlan

is our Happiness Engineer. This former Division 1 Volleyball Coach is raising three small children with his wife, Aubrey in Hawaii. Michael has created and sold multiple e-commerce businesses. Since joining the eCommerce world over 5 years ago, Michael was able to implement systems that would allow him to leverage his time more effectively; which meant less time working and more time with his children.

The biggest realization that hit Michael during his eCommerce switch was the first time he sold an expensive product online while sleeping. Waking up to that sale notification on his phone, broadened his views of every eCommerce platform he has worked with since. When the WHYSgiving opportunity came along to think even bigger and broader than the normal scopes of eCommerce, Michael jumped in head first in hope of creating a business that funds change long after his time.

Nathan Richer

is our Worldview Advisor. He travels the globe and informs our team about the needs for change. Over the last 7 years, he has dedicated his time and energy to understanding and perfecting online marketing and eCommerce strategies. This has allowed him to launch and scale several successful eCommerce brands as well as an online marketing company in Ottawa, Canada.

Nathan has always had a desire to leave a legacy built on a foundation of enacting positive change. When the idea of being able to combine his eCommerce and marketing knowledge with his philanthropic love presented itself with WHYSgiving, he couldn’t have been more excited about the opportunity. Nathan’s passion is directed at being a social entrepreneur whose experience in the online world will help create ever lasting positive change in the real world.

Why Care? Why Help? Why Not?