3 Organizations Supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness

By September 18, 2019Blog

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a heavy topic for anyone. Much as we might hope otherwise, thousands of kids each year are diagnosed with this difficult illness. As they prepare to battle for their lives, our goal here at WHYSgiving is to ensure that the organizations and charities that support these children get the recognition and support that they deserve. It’s not easy to work day in and day out on this cause, and the people who commit their lives to doing so show a strength that cannot be overstated.

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Founded back in 1962, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital focuses exclusively on the care of children suffering from children’s catastrophic diseases. Their main areas of focus are childhood cancer and leukemia. The most amazing aspect of this organization is that their services are completely free for the patients. St. Jude’s has received amazing help in the form of multi-million dollar support from companies such as the Chili’s restaurant chain and Sterling Jewelers. The main bulk of fundraising, however, is performed by the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities. Located in Memphis Tennessee, St. Jude treats kids from across the country. Individuals can make donations to St. Jude’s here.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

ALSF was founded in 2005 by the parents of Alexandra “Alex” Scott, who passed away the year before at the age of eight from neuroblastoma. At just four years old, she started her very own lemonade stand to help raise money for other kids suffering from a childhood cancer like she was. The foundation was a continuation of her dreams and has continued to provide support for kids suffering from these diseases. While their ultimate goal is to work toward cures, they also research better treatment options that improve quality of life. Sign up to participate in one of the ALSF fundraising events here.

Child Advocacy Centers

It’s easy to forget that not every kid suffering from childhood cancer has the same type of loving and supportive home. These diseases affect every socio-economic status, from the wealthy to the destitute. Child advocacy centers serving local towns, cities and states can help connect families with the resources they need to give their child a fighting chance.

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