Charitable Organizations Helping Pets

By September 30, 2019Blog

With the holiday season ramping up (happy Rosh Hashanah!) many people are getting into the giving spirit. If you want some of the more festive volunteer opportunities, you had better start signing up now! Here at WHYSgiving, we love to highlight some amazing charitable organizations. From childhood cancer to environmental causes, we want to make sure you know about the people doing good in the world. Since it’ll soon be the season for giving puppies and kittens as gifts, we thought we’d round up a list of organizations helping pets!


After the devastating effects of hurricanes this past season, it’s easy to see why organizations like RedRover are so vital to pets. They help pets that need rescuing during natural disasters or those who are suffering from neglect or violence. Even better, they look for ways to prevent cruelty toward pets before it ever even happens. They offer help to people in situations of domestic violence, where family pets are often abused in the process.

Humane Society

The Humane Society is perhaps one of the most well-known animal advocacy organizations in the US. Their shelters across the country help thousands upon thousands of pets find their forever homes. They provide resources for pet owners, and options outside of animal control and kill shelters when owners have to surrender a family pet. The phrase ‘adopt don’t shop’ certainly applies in this case! Adopting your next pet from the Humane Society can make an amazing difference.

Friends of Animals

Though some of their campaigns are a bit off-the-wall, this organization takes their role as pet advocates seriously. Their major project is ensuring that pets get spayed and neutered to prevent animal overpopulation. Getting a pet fixed is the best way to ensure happy homes for animals across the country. Organizations like this one remind us that our decisions as pet owners can have a major impact on animal welfare both near and far.

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