Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Pay It Forward

By June 14, 2019Blog

With Father’s Day nearly upon us, many children and spouses may very well be scrambling for last minute gift ideas. Not to worry! We have you covered with a few of the very best ways to pay it forward to honor fathers everywhere this Sunday. It’s a great way to give a thoughtful gift. Plus, you often don’t even need to have planned ahead to give it!

For the Dads Who Love to Fish

Give a family in need around the globe a fishing kit with items such as nets, lines, hooks, a pole, and a basket. The father in your life will love knowing that someone else can enjoy something that they love, and they’ll be benefiting from it too. As an added bonus, you could pack up is fishing supplies and send him on his own for a quiet day of relaxation. Perhaps this is the time that you join in, too!

Medical Chartities

According to Charity Navigator, the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s “advocacy for increased government and private support of prostate cancer programs has helped build a global research enterprise of nearly $10 billion.” Whether your father has suffered from prostate cancer or has lost a loved one to it, this is a great idea for a Father’s Day gift.

Honoring Military & Veterans

Is the father in question a current or former member of the military? Organizations like the Fisher House Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project are the perfect way to honor their service. The former is similar to the Ronald McDonald House, where family members can stay for free while their loved one undergoes medical treatment. The latter helps veterans get back on their feet in a healthy way after traumatic experiences while serving. There are many dads out there today who remember what it’s like to wonder about being drafted into war, and they may have had friends who served.

Remember, the most important part of Father’s Day is acknowledging the role your dad played in getting you to where you are today. It often involves sacrifices and plenty of hard work. Tell him just how much you care with a heartfelt gift.

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