Ways to Share Love This Valentine’s Day

By February 13, 2019Blog

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show the people in your life how much they mean to you. This doesn’t have to be only about romance, though! Relationships with others come in all shapes and sizes, and caring about the people in the world around us is one of the best parts of being human. We’ve pulled together a few ideas for sharing love this Valentine’s Day.

Time With Friends

It’s often easy to spend time with single friends on Valentine’s Day. What about those people in your life that might be struggling in their relationships, though? Reach out to all your friends today and let them know that you care and are thinking about them. For those who are going through a rocky patch with a spouse or partner, it can mean the world to them.

Four-Legged Companions

If you have any furry companions in your life, make the day special for them. Whether that’s a walk to the park or a nice game of fetch, or ear scratches and a little laser pointer, there are plenty of ways to spread the love around. For those without their own companion animal, consider volunteering for an animal shelter.


There are few better ways to spread love than with volunteering your time on Valentine’s Day. Soup kitchens and food pantries are especially important at this time of year. Take a look at local spots to volunteer and see if you can spend the evening giving away food to those in need instead of at a restaurant.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful tradition for some partners. For those who are interested in finding other ways to celebrate, we hope these ideas have helped!

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