Spring Volunteering Opportunities

By March 27, 2019Blog

Spring has sprung, and in many places in the US that means it’s finally time to come out of hibernation. While we often look at the Winter holidays for charitable inspiration, Spring offers its own benefits. People can really get outside, for one. Plus, there are often season-specific volunteering opportunities. We’ll dive into a few fun ideas below. Remember, the best way to volunteer is the one that you want to come back to!

Community Gardens

Have you ever driven past a a garden patch in the middle of a city? There’s a good chance that it’s actually a community garden! These spaces give kids and adults alike the perfect chance to get out in some sunshine while doing something good for their community. Some gardens allow you to donate the food you grow to those who need it, too. You can help make the area a little brighter and serve the people around you with your green thumb.

Park Cleanups

Whether it’s a city park or a national park, these places could use a little extra care. Some places will have dedicated volunteer days for maintenance of the foliage or trails, while others might benefit from a stroll with a bag for trash. Tasks might include pulling invasive plant species, re-graveling paths and picking up litter. Beaches are another popular option for unofficial trash cleanups. Get your friends out for sandcastles and conservation!

Make Your Backyard Wildlife Friendly

There are certification programs for this, such as the Backyard Habitat Certification Program in the Pacific Northwest, but you can do it on your own just as easily! All you have to do is follow a few guidelines on pesticide usage and adhere to lists on native plants to build a sanctuary for local birds right in your own backyard. Just remember to watch out for ground bird nests in the Springtime!

With all the opportunities afforded us by the changing of the seasons, it makes sense to take a little time to give back this Spring. Try turning activities you love into community efforts that benefit the people and community.

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