The Perfect Times to Start Charitable Habits

By October 20, 2019Blog

You may have noticed an uptick in the past several years in the focus on what we do by habit. There’s a good reason for this, as research has shown that our habits define us much more accurately than our one-off actions. It can make the difference between someone who volunteers when the holidays hit and someone who has made charitable endeavors a true part of their life and lifestyle. Starting a new habit, however, takes real work. Our brains are often resistant to change, and it can be tough to navigate juggling other existing responsibilities with your new goals. That’s why we’re encouraging you to take advantage of specific times in your life to start that new habit.

Going Off to College

This one can really be interpreted as any time in a young person’s life where they’ll be on their own for the first time. Colleges are great places to find community outreach programs and clubs to support these goals. The best part is that they’re also a good place to make new friends who also consider these same ideals important. Young people may not know to look for this type of on-campus engagement, so it’s important to talk with your now adult kids about the different options.

Empty Nesters

On the flip side of the student going off to college is the empty nester. You spent so much of your time and energy getting your child to where they needed to be to thrive and succeed. It’s common to suffer a bit of a slump emotionally when they’re out of the house, though. That combination makes this the perfect time to pick up some great community-focused habits, such as volunteering.

One of Life’s Downturns

Unfortunately, we can’t go through life without some dips along the way. Take those moments and turn them into positive life choices by picking up some charitable habits to replace the ones that have been lost or that need to be shed for your personal mental health. This can be a great benefit to you during a tough time, and it will simultaneously benefit the people around you. You may even make some new friends along the way!

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